Yung6ix - You Don See Am (ft. Erigga, Payper Corleone, Dr Barz) - Download Mp3 (Music)

download - Yung6ix - You Don See Am (ft. Erigga, Payper Corleone, Dr Barz) - Download Mp3 (Music)


Exclusive from WapYum as we dish out a new track called ''Yung6ix - You Don See Am (ft. Erigga, Payper Corleone, Dr Barz) - Download Mp3 (Music)'' check on it below.

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Listen, Stream, Mp3 Download "You Don See Am" by Yung6ix featuring Erigga, Payper Corleone, Dr Barz.

The song was produced by Geez Beatz.

African Rap star Yung6ix is about to release his 3rd studio album titled “Introduction To Trapfro” with features from Peruzzi, Dammy Krane, Sinzu, Charass, Erigga, Payper Corleone, Dr Barz and Disally.

This new release is the lead single off the forthcoming project.

‘You Don See Am‘ produced by Geez Beatz is a smashing Hip-pop track with great Bars, Flows and punchlines.

Each rapper delivered dope verses and gave us lovely wordplays… Listen!!! Yung6ix while dishing out this record shared; ‘A taste of the Introduction to Trapfro album for my loyal Trapfro fans who love hip-hop.

Bring you the first of its kind, an all-star studded trap anthem from South-South Nigeria.

Enjoy and share.

The album drops June 5Th‘ Yung6ix - You Don See Am (ft.

Erigga, Payper Corleone, Dr Barz) (prod.

Geez Beatz) Lyrics.

[Intro] Don’t do me like that Ayo mehn is Cali time 4:39 am What u saying n**ga Youu2005gettingu2005paper or whatu2005? 6ix Way N**ga wuh u talkinu2005bout ? I can’t shiii if you ain’t talking about moneyu205fn**gau205fWhat’ s upu205f? [Chorus] I pull upu205fthat drop topu205fin your face You done see am Bad b*tch no face You done see am New money on the way You done see am John Cena to the fakes You Done See am ? Issa Fake You done see am Bro bro You done see am ? You won see am again You done see am ? You won see am again You done see am ? You won see am again You done see am ? You won see am again [Verse 1 – Erigga] Rape your Career for ur bed strangle wit your pillow … If you no de see am that means you blind like what’s on my window ….

My people get the way them tk dey like Buhari fans Them love me die like jack for Titanic when rose leave e hand The other day when I sit down de follow devil de gist Na small thing I for break erigga na beast I de one side de look all una yans na shit Personally na me allow God let una exist You rappers are baby disappear no wonder you full of shit Use your contract clear look am now e no full of shit Diamond necklace on my neck if you no de see am Meaning you stupid if see your girl na once I go peel am [Chorus] [Verse 2 – Payper Corleone] You Don See Am How your matter be the bar never drop? Thought i Warned You! Them nor know say the gang don collect but Them go get the hanz when i fall through/ No soft people dey my residence you wanna see the Don you put a call through/ As e stands guy i dey the BY but to enter Waffi na like 1200/ The whip all red that’s the color/ I’m still gon tint it Dr Dolor/ Shoutout to my men for the Warri and my yenagoa boys wey dey school for Ozoro/ Streets dey talk who dey hot now? You gon get the news when you touchdown/ My young niggas out still banging they gon do a nigga dirty if they catch him lacking uptown/ [Chorus] [Verse 3 – Dr Barz] You don see am? Abobbi how e dey be You wan see am? In LA-GOS state for the update So that my pockets Owo go full am It’s alright if you call me a dope dealer My music will get me my first milla On the track I’m a venomous godzilla Shoutout to Born Sinner Sheybi you wan see am? Everyday I’m on my grind I’m never making excuses I’d rather just make me some 9 – Figures in dollars brothers Imma ball so hard that Pretty ladies just give me their time And head Getting ahead of my time While getting ahead on my rhyme Sound the alarm The south is awake in their prime And we’re proof in the booth Spitting goof on the line [Chorus] [Verse 4 – Yung6ix] I told myself that I had to win I had nobody to play for my team Was sicker than covid I was 19 Now the whole block wanna play for my team Saw my first mill before I saw 18 Stones on my wrist It cost me 18 You ain’t my blood if you ain’t got my genes So you can’t wear my shoes cux it won’t fit your jeans I don’t play games Only game of thrones They count the bodies but the bones don’t count We both Nigerian so we know the zones Haters just like votes and the votes don’t count They painted me bad Take the good out of me But I’m still the one like take two out of 3 They knew I was patient Cux I had the drip Sowed millions in bitcoin and that’s what I reap(6ix way) [Chorus] Dr Barz

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