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The song was co-produced by MIKE DEAN, Ray Keys & Bongo.

Teyana Taylor is one of those artists that fans have been awaiting a full-length project from for many years now and on Friday, she delivered with "The Album." There are plenty of tracks to sink your teeth into and fans are starting to pick out some of their favorites.

While there are plenty of standouts, one of the highlights is certainly "Lose Each Other." This track sees Taylor singing about a lost love who doesn't appear to want to be friends.

In Taylor's mind, they can still be on good terms and mess with each other on another level.

Her tone throughout the song is one of heartbreak and realization that her bond with this person may not have been as strong as she originally thought.

Teyana Taylor - Lose Each Other (Prod.

MIKE DEAN, Ray Keys & Bongo) Lyrics.

[Intro] Ah Ah-ah Ah, oh woah Woah, woah [Verse 1] We don't have to lose each other We could still be friends ifu2005youu2005want it Baby, allu2005these ultimatums Makin' me feel like weu2005faked it I'll still go and see your mother I'll still check up on your brother I meant it when I said "I loved you" And love just don't go away [Verse 2] Baby, we don't have to lose each other I'm the only one that knows you What am I supposed to do if I can't hit you when I need you? Just 'cause I can't handle love don't mean I wanna leave you [Verse 3] We don't have to lose each other You could still text me sometime I could still slide through to your crib on some midnight shit And a bottle of cheap wine [Verse 4] We don't have to lose each other I don't know what I would do without you, no, no, no More than just used to be lovers I thought we were friends This don't gotta end This don't gotta end This don't gotta end Don't gotta end, baby Bongo


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