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download - Sadistik - Zodiac (ft. Mick Jenkins) (Audio, Video) - Music Video


Exclusive from WapYum as we dish out a new track called ''Sadistik - Zodiac (ft. Mick Jenkins) (Audio, Video) - Music Video'' check on it below.

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Sadistik unveils "Zodiac" featuring Mick Jenkins.

Listen, stream, buy, watch the video, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Cansino.

For those unfamiliar with Sadistik, who has been actively penning new music for over a decade, his preferred style can feel somewhat unconventional; literary in nature, heavily inspired by the genres of horror and science fiction.

And while his imagery can feel dark in nature, there's a poetic sensibility to his writing that leaps off the page.

As such, he's become a darling of the underground circuit, building a fanbase that has remained loyal no matter which direction his music veers.

Today, the rapper has connected with another high caliber writer -- Mick Jenkins, one of the game's current top five in the art of penmanship.

An unexpected but welcome duet, "Zodiac" takes place over laid-back guitar instrumental, with Sadistik setting things off with a melancholic reflection.

"Aspirations aspirate, compliments are aspartame," he raps, his alliteration on point.

"Tears feel like they’re acid rain, always been a castaway." Mick Jenkins matches his stride with a verse of his own, his intensity muted but no less potent.

"In hindsight was just getting by til I was 25, I’m coming live, he declares.

"Oh did I mention I beat statistics? Made the fire with the friction / m y diction sophisticated no fiction has been recited." Sadistik - Zodiac (ft.

Mick Jenkins) (prod.

Cansino) Watch Video Lyrics.

[Verse 1: Sadistik] Pretty little zodiac Tell me are you listening? Why don't you say hello back When the ghosts are visiting? Living in the sediment Scribbling my sentimental Mental into wet cement Everything I said I meant Not living in the present Skies become so heavy I feel like a piñata when it's empty I’ll fill another bottle I'm a MD 20/20 hindsight In a place that's full of people I don't quite like, ayy Looking out the glass again Aspirations aspirate Compliments are aspartame Tears feel like they're acid rain Always been a castaway Don't save me I'm just trash today I'm refuse Usually you're bruised when you get used to feeling used All these ups and downs I learned to ride the waves Most the nightmares are when I'm wide awake I don't wanna go don't let me die today If it makes me numb I'll take the side effects [Verse 2: Mick Jenkins] If it makes me numb I'll take the side effects If it makes me...

If it gets me pissed off puff smoke So much talking out the neck nigga we cut-throat now Not what you would expect Fuck your assuming we just added the seasonings Told 'em hoe don't be cumin when the thyme right Lime-light in my eye I don't need that Cash when I require best believe that In hindsight was just getting by 'Til I was 25 I'm coming live Oh did I mention I beat statistics? Made the fire with the friction My diction sophisticated no fiction has been recited The credit for a belated, shit is Kris Kross No jokes the politicking make my dick soft put it in quotes now Fuck up out your respect See how I'm moving niggas low-key It's hard to stay quiet with the OG on me Only a couple niggas I call homies these days Said some prayers that got the phonies erased If we ain't FaceTiming then you ain't really know me these days Not too much talking do my growing silent Cansino


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October 18, 2020, 12:00 am

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