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Exclusive from WapYum as we dish out a new track called ''Nas - Car #85 (ft. Charlie Wilson) (Audio, Lyrics) - Lyrics'' check on it below.

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Nas is back with "Car #85" featuring Charlie Wilson.

Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Hit-Boy.

People were initially on the fence about this Nas and Hit-Boy project when it was first announced.

Nas's 2018 effort, Nasir was polarizing among fans; some loved it while others disliked it.

But King's Disease proved to be a solid pairing between one of the greatest to ever do it and a seasoned producer who's catalogue is already built of modern classics.

The pair deliver some real grown man vibes on the Charlie Wilson-assisted, "Car #85." Nas brings it back to the days as a youth in Queensbridge with Charlie Wilson for one of his best performances on the project.

Delivering vivid imagery painting of his coming-of-age story, he looks back at his days as a young dope boy observing the happenings in his neighbourhood.

Nas - Car #85 (ft.

Charlie Wilson) (prod.

Hit-Boy) Lyrics.

[Intro: Charlie Wilson & Nas] Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, la, da-da, da (Big Queens, NYC) Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, la, da-da, da Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah (Uh), la, oh, oh, ooh Ooh-ooh (Yeah), oh, ooh-ooh (Hit-Boy) [Verse 1: Nas & Charlie Wilson] They called me "Babyface" in eighty-eight On 40th and Broadway they made me stay and wait Cab service, car eighty-five Ten minutes, they back in the car Not safe to drive, narcos are lookin' (Woop, woop, woop) No secret compartments in the ride, so keep pushin' We get stopped, hide it between the seat cushion Either that, or just tuck it inside your boot Don't throw it out the window yet, son, that's all our loot (Not yet) See? They turned, they wasn't after us, my nigga with me laughin' (Yeah) He clutchin' his gold Lazarus, made it home and he baggin' up (What up?) I'm just a lil' nigga smokin' weed (Fried) I'm just tryna figure out who to be (Nas) Horse and Dula touchin' paper (Uh-huh) Plus, Spud and Wallet Head, a lot of bread And I was talkin' to Tia I went to her block, I was just happy to see her And low was how she did me (Ooh) She moved from Queens to Co-Op City (Ooh-wee) She said, "Visit me, that's if you really miss me" (I did), show proof Ten niggas outside her buildin', that's what I go through (Damn) 1989, my baby mind was advancin' (Yeah) Nike Air Trainer 3's, two fingers on her hand, son (Ooh) I'm losin' her slowly (Uh) Plus my other girl is startin' to move on the homie Hop in eighty-five, roll with me (Oh-oh) [Chorus: Nas, Charlie Wilson, Both] When I used to slide I used to call car eighty-five Don't want no other driver on the job (Nah) Only car eighty-five Yo, take me uptown to that smoke shop I like (Ooh) Car eighty-five All blacked out tint (Running for my life) Everywhere we went, we took car eighty-five (Yeah, yeah) [Interlude: Nas & Charlie Wilson] We gon' ride Put that tape on I like You know that tape I like, turn that shit up (Oh, yeah) We gon' smoke and ride (Ooh-ooh) Go to Times Square, we take it from there Just ride (Ridin' with car eighty-five) It's Friday It woulda been a good night to pick up shorty, but she on some other shit (Ooh-wee, ooh-ooh-ooh, yeah) [Verse 2: Nas & Charlie Wilson] In my peripheral view Nothin' trivial 'bout me, just witness the truth, I'm certified That's been verified My mere presence got other guys terrified (Woah, ooh) Slap oxygen out your esophagus (Ooh-ooh) I survived with stick up kids, was droppin' shit (Ooh-ooh) The rotten apple's the tabernacle That's NY, White Castles at midnight Fish sandwiches, forty ounces and fistfights (Oh, ooh-wee) They even used car eighty-five to pull robberies Use 'em as a getaway car and paid him properly Next year the whole town strung out Swept the block where they hung out Look how far we've come now (Amen) Grab the duffel and run out Seven fiends in one house, hustle sun up to sundown What up? Summertime in NY In the back seat of car eighty-five (Oh-oh, oh) [Outro: Nas & Charlie Wilson] The whole hood was tryna call car eighty-five Any car like that, any number that had that system Or that cool ride (Yeah) You know that'd make your whole day Just bein' able to get up and go To this day, I just like to ride Lot of thoughts come to mind (Ooh-wee, oh, oh, ooh) Car #85


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October 17, 2020, 11:45 pm

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