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Nas' most recent body of work, King's Disease features "Blue Benz".

Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Hit-Boy, Rogét Chahayed & Penthouse Parti.

Those who value Nas in the lyrical hierarchy of greats likely stand in agreement that his storytelling is second to none.

We've seen this time and time again, be it on the adventurous "I Gave You Power, the whirlwind God's Son opener "Get Down," or the reflective and thrilling "Pussy Kills." And on his brand new album King's Diseased, produced entirely by Hit-Boy, Nas carries on the tradition with another deftly woven tale in "Blue Benz." Rendered in stunning detail, Nas wastes little time in setting a scene.

"I used to be at The Tunnel twenty deep in a huddle," he spits, in his opening bars.

"Razors on us that'll make skin bubble." Before long, we're thrust into that rabbit hole called memory lane, as Nas captures the cutthroat mentality he moved with during his come-up.

"Chris Lighty let me in a few times with nines," he declares.

"That's on God, wish you woulda walked by / and bumped me hard or just looked at me wrong / My chain on, try to book me, you gone." As the minimalist and bouncy beat unfolds beneath him, Nas' flow reaches dexterous heights as he reflects on a woman he used to know -- the one who owned the titular "Blue Benz," brought to life through a fascinating lyrical character study.

Nas - Blue Benz (prod.

Hit-Boy, Rogét Chahayed & Penthouse Parti) Lyrics.

[Intro] As we go through life, one of the big questions about Things we purchase is— is, what the value of it is Is it really worth it? [Verse 1] I used to be at The Tunnel twenty deep in a huddle Razors on us that'll make skin bubble, Moet, we guzzle Chris Lighty let me in a few times with nines That's on God, wish you woulda walked by And bumped me hard or just looked at me wrong My chain on, try to book me, you gone Goons, Italian leathers, couple bottles of Dom Took risks, this ain't what you want, there's rules to this Don't get it misconstrued, my suit game is crisp Silk, linen, chiffon, Dior to Diadora But I rock custom more, that hustler aura, tap in Razor cutter, nineties, eighties lover, raised in gutters Raised above it, they made it up out the hood subject, I made you love it Crazy, I knew this chick, she had a blue Benz A Jersey penthouse, she used to pimp girls that would turn rich men out Her coke habits was so savage She hear voices and see ghosts on the average Of her stepdad, he raised her from a carriage She was twelve when he passed, she's been in hell since that Her grandma raised her, I met her in Kingston, Jamaica Where veteran kingpins bought acres, rest in peace Louie Rankin Original Don Dada [Interlude] Come here, come rude bwoy Uno waan ramp with bomboclaat me Come, come on! I murder people fi fun Murder uno bomboclaat fi fun [Verse 2] Peace signs in the air for son Put his name on the street sign there where he from Whenever we hear his bangers, flare up a blunt And praise God, and pray we all prepared when He come for us Just opened my new office, West Coast branch Place my teacup on the saucer, it's Esco, man Bossed up, nothing feels better than doing deals with my brothers It's surreal, how I feel, y'all should love us Life is a test so congratulations to your success For having patience, you deserve the best You know how they do niggas, the IRS People I ain't even met take it out my check They the biggest gangster, I respect the jooks We buyin' big boy mansions, they respect the crooks This for my project niggas and blue Benzes Mercedes emblems with they bitch with 'em Blue Benz


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October 17, 2020, 11:45 pm

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