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The song was produced by jetsonmade.

Released via Motown Records, Matt Ox explains that the song is about getting a high from material possessions.

"‘Beam Me Up’ is about how we get a confidence boost from material things and money," he says about the track.

"Racks beam me up, my diamonds beam me up.

The more we get the more we want.

But does any of this really mean anything? Is any of it leading to real happiness? I’ma keep doing me and figure it out." MATT OX - Beam Me Up (prod.

jetsonmade) Lyrics.

[Chorus] I get the racks, they beam me up Ooh, ooh, beam me up Ooh, ooh, beam me up Ooh, ooh (Oh Lord, Jetson made another one) [Verse] I get the racks, they beam me up Look at my neck, all VV'd up Get some respect, I'll give you [?] What I made a night is what you made a month Remember them nights we was stuck in the mud Now every night, we be turnin' up I remember I ain't had nothin' much I remember they ain't show no love Now look at us Look how I stunt, I do it for fun You won't catch me stuck 'cause I keep me one tucked Tucked, under the cover You not with the gang, go hang with the others And VV my chain, you know that it's bussin' I keep on stackin' these hundreds I cannot- I cannot rock with them others I heard you an opp and you hang with the unders I cannot stop stackin' these numbers Chips on chips, stackin' up funyuns I call dibs on the hundreds I wan't this plus this and a dozen Your whole gang cap, boy, stop that bluffin' Stop facetimin' you ain't on nothin' Why you keep on frontin'? [Chorus] Uh, I get the racks, they beam me up Ooh, ooh, beam me up Ooh, ooh, beam me up Ooh, ooh Beam Me Up


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