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Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to "Get Ya Money" by KXNG Crooked featuring Joell Ortiz.

The song was produced by Boogeyman & Erick Sermon.

While Slaughterhouse as we know it may be done, today marks a welcome continuation of the righteous cause.

KXNG Crooked and Joell Ortiz, two heavyweight lyricists and longtime friends, have officially connected for their first collaborative EP, the nine-track H.A.R.D.

Featuring production from Heatmakerz, Illmind, and Erick Sermon, the tape finds Crook and Joell opening up about a variety of personal topics -- though it's not all autobiographical.

"Get Ya Money," produced by the EPMD legend, finds both men having a little fun over an up-tempo banger, barring out in true Slaughterhouse fashion.

"Flexing our expertise used to slang and peddle death," spits Crook.

"Got the amphetamines from a blood, that's Red and Meth." Never one to be outdone with the punchlines, Joell brings his A-Game with a slick verse of his own.

"In my tank top looking like the old Fif," he boasts, "enemy killer on my hip, guess that's why they call it a foe-fifth." It's always impressive to hear two elite emcees doing what they do best, and the effortless chemistry between these two longtime collaborators makes H.A.R.D a must-listen for fans of the Slaughterhouse legacy.

KXNG Crooked - Get Ya Money (ft.

Joell Ortiz) (prod.

Boogeyman & Erick Sermon) Lyrics.

[Intro: Joell Ortiz] Survive right now, turn me up a little bit [Verse 1: Joell Ortiz] You can't tell me shit, I'm in this bitch takin' Belve' sips Feeling like the only one who truly knew Joell would be rich I'm walking in the 40 feeling 26 as I watch heavy wrist pull-ups push-ups and dips 20 a clip In my tank top looking like the old fifth Enemy killer on my hip Guess that's why they call it a fo' fifth Jump in my new whip Bumping some old shit, grown shit Fair and high cologne shit, oh shit The first half deposits from them shows hit Bank teller cougar looking at your boy ferocious No miss I'm a married man Wife badder than arrival time of ambulances In the hood we traffic jams after them cannons blam Digital scale with shake on it going hand to hand Now business deals we shake on it still a hand to hand But different though Careful how you livin' bro I keep business on my mind and stay minding my business, yo [Hook: KXNG Crooked] Somebody said: "Get your money young man" I was walking in a store Triple OG by the door He looked up and he said "Yo!" "Get your money young man" But be careful how you make it Cause them people wanna take it Leave your bank account naked "Get your money young man" Now the roles done changed I'm giving these kids game I tell em the same thing "Get your money young man" And there's 6 million ways to get it Choose one [Verse 2: KXNG Crooked] The cabinets were bare Mama could barely prepare the recipes I got on my grizzly then go get the honey Wanted more than the bare necessities The air, the seven seas, the land I travel every place on the face of the earth To repair discrepancies in my generational curse Went everywhere for extra cheese Never scared to ever squeeze So drop your diss song You'll be a rapper over wax like record sleeves When the heckler sneeze We ain't playing with celebrities Y'all playing, we the referees Flexing our expertise Used to slang and peddle death Got the amphetamines from a blood That's red and meth Niggas went from Haile Selassie to Emeril Lagasse Whippin' work, ghetto chefs Ballin', tryna catch a check But falling, down heaven steps Do better, this a new letter to whoever's next [Hook] Boogeyman


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