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Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics to Kenny Mason's "Give" song featuring Deante Hitchcock.

Atlanta rapper Kenny Mason returned last week with his new single "Storm." The single came just months after the release of his Angelic Hoodrat album and it looks like he's already back on a hard grind, coming through again with another new track.

Featuring Deante' Hitchcock, the 5-minute-long cut deals with current events and highlights both rappers in their lyrical bags.

Produced by Juu, the beat is reminiscent of those who paved the way for Kenny and Deante' to spit their bars.

Kenny Mason - Give (ft.

Deante Hitchcock) Lyrics.

[Chorus] Give, give What would I give? Give, give What would I give? [Verse 1: Kenny Mason] I got battle scars like symbol You got dark agendas But it's not my bidness, carry on My chérie love the pot My shit like cherry bombs My clique don't carry bombs The flip at every function Big scary monsters, flinch When Kenny come with clips Like Terrence Thornton House [?] yet Is very haunted, big angel shit Repent and get anointed, bitch All my boys done been raised by bullies And greased by bullets And the neighborhood was bip Gave out goodies Got paid in full, a eight full, played out ovens While everybody who stayed in school ain't got money They gon' call me the GOAT once I hit my time Once they show me the ropes, I just 6-1-9 'Cause I can only cope if I spit my minds I know somebody would call, shawty hit my line Myself, I keep my nose clean, only smoke weed My addiction is in between your knees In addition of gettin' the most cream, from gettin' the most streams Is swimmin' in your streams [?] that pussy hit up is on three Hit it at pro speed The shit if you don't sleep A fit if you want sleep It's finna get grown, squeezin' it, fittin' it slowly You finish before me Ken' in the pot movin', similar [?] it's true but This shit'll go down more sinister rose if or when I'm provoked Pissed up, sendin' a hoe It's hmm, them boys livin' unlimited, hoe Big Kenny from Heaven, I'm bitch nigga repellin' A [?] rippin' the [?] and shit [?] seconds that's it Let 'em have all this shit Give 'em a second, I been in the trenches with niggas with weapons You givin' impressions, your gimmicks depression Was feelin' aggressive, indeed it's a pression My mental affected from years of oppression And livin' in [?], images, niggas was hesitant Visitin' death was as distant as relatives livin' right next to us Let me shut the fuck up [Chorus] Give, give What would I give? Give, give What would I give? [Verse 2: Deante’ Hitchcock] Ayy, ayy, okay My dawg gon' make sure them swipes right like Tinder Nigga I remember, steppin' back like Kimber Walk a line, that's often time enticed by inner shit I'm dealin' with 'nough blood on my hands, already hard to wash off like Hanna I'm ain't sayin' them sinners, to give a fuck my innocence was corrupt by ten I need to be touched by manners The swimmin' in your water, mami you're my batism But this shit way more spiritual Look I ain't religious but this shit good as fuck Man I'm strappin' my pockets but I might shoot it up Ayy no I'm kiddin' but toot it up if you with it The two of us were legit Might be cool as fuck, don't forget it our time on this Earth is limited True enough, we been through enough shit What I mean, really who the fuck isn't afraid to provide our minimal ways? I think the kid is a blessing but I could dig your discretion We got some problems that's destined to fuck 'em up if we let us Oppression, this shit might be the death Or this is a connection, my stress'll be premature But you chose the only C-sections our arguments it get triggered Use your sex as a weapon and you get fly out the mouth And that's when this shit get domestic And you know I can't risk that 'cause 12 get dispatched And pull up on curbs, get to mixin' words like syntax When we havz a kid, I wanna be present like gift wrap And your pretty lil' face that got me down 'cause I'm 6-LACK Drunk at the function, I lock and think 'bout it's just that I'm pissed, any niggas steppin' to me wrong, pushin' shit back Anybody that's tryna check me, [?] just a mismatch Just think of clear this whole party out if it kick back My cuz keep a big MAC, [?] I sit back, a street life we deserve for peace But don't think shit's sweet I'm still observant 'cause I don't trust shit But if I wasn't distant dawg And that question scare me the most now But if I change at least, let that shit be for better My old ways deceased If I can't go and I click-clack, release For Heaven or Hell, what would I- [Chorus] Give, give What would I give? Give, give What would I give? Give, give What would I give? Give, give What would I- Deante Hitchcock


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