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Flee Lord returns with "R&B Lords" featuring Westside Gunn.

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On Friday, New York lyricist Flee Lord linked up with Mephux to conjure up Pray For The Evil 2, a grimy dose of cinematic and dark underground hip-hop.

Lined with plenty of standout cuts to unpack, one of the immediate highlights arrives early in the game with the Westside Gunn-assisted "R&B Lords." Now, if you're one of those who isn't down for Gunn's particular brand of off-kilter melodies, the full extent of its charm will likely be lost on you.

Yet if you're on board for the animated dynamism of Griselda's spirited orchestrator, "R&B Lords" is nothing short of majestic.

Off the bat, Mephux laces a lovely ballroom banger, the perfect exit music for a film.

The unique instrumental allows both Gunn and Lord to slow down their flows, catching new pockets as they flex.

Flee Lord - R&B Lords (ft.

Westside Gunn) QUOTABLE LYRICS Gave my shooter five K up front, light your house pronto Two bullets in his forehead -- BOOM BOOM -- this shit hit like Jon Bones Valentino camo moccasins, all my jewels in the drop again Flee Lord


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October 17, 2020, 11:04 pm

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