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Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics and watch the video to "iamlegend" by Flatbush Zombies.

The song was produced by Linden Jay & Erick the Architect.

As they gear up to drop their new EP, now, more than ever, on June 5th, Flatbush Zombies have come through with the project's first single, "iamlegend." Marking their first song of the year, "iamlegend" sees the Brooklyn trio doing what they do best.

Along with the single, FZ also came through with some accompanying visuals to match the energy of "iamlegend." According to a press release, the music video "was filmed over the span of two months in three separate cities where the band members were individually quarantined." Flatbush Zombies - iamlegend (prod.

Linden Jay & Erick the Architect) Watch Video Lyrics.

[Intro: Meechy Darko] Woo, yeah, uh [Verse 1: Meechy Darko] Don't sip lean, fuck that drank stuff I was po' enough Just imagine the power struggle where you ain't got no plug I only want the best, but they treat me like the worst Shit I do deserve the best, man, I came up from the dirt I don't talk much, but I raise the qouta I done had chicks cross every border Just to ride and slide they tight vagina on this anaconda This will heighten highs Bloodshot ya' eyes and sank them lower The lies are more entertaining, truth is less profitable for us Lucid, not gonna lose focus, illusion if you see him fallin' Conclusion, can't you see he off this Been seven years in this game, nobody robbed me for my chain Nobody disrespect the set, nobody ever fucked my bitch Evil nigga, slither to the crib and give her dark dick Bigger spender, but that's only 'cause I work hard, bitch Destruction is a form of creation, says Donnie But I'ma different Darko, and this a different story [Chorus: Zombie Juice] Hustle all my life Seen the light through the tunnel And I might wanna fuck with ya, who knows But tonight it's a must that we know Let ya hair go, and I'm that nigga, ayy [Verse 2: Erick the Architect] In the land of the weak, the know I'm playin' for keeps His soul is beside himself, impressive, the letter E The ricochet is the wick, when I hit with the way I will But since I'm an ill nigga, I'm not phased, boy, it's a shield How you feel? had to get my dough up, so what? Now I'm back in it, like I sobered up, rolling up They all witness to the wisemen, husband and they wives and- Had some salt with a nigga, tried to one-up like a Heisman Sonny, I despised him, I don't do this for TV, my track record is Oz then Never gave you permission, so why you feel obliged then? Mutiny, my scrutiny ain't cosplay, you all fake, all straight, go off late The more I save, the more I stay the same without a doubt Know it's different, I'm a legend, these are credits, not just clout I just hope I see the day when niggas ain't shootin' it out 'Cause it might change how we gauge the future for our sake [Chorus: Zombie Juice] Hustle all my life Seen the light through the tunnel And I might wanna fuck with ya, who knows But tonight it's a must that we know Let ya hair go, and I'm that nigga, ayy And I always got that thang, you know we smoke Flatbush born from the county Halos, angels, devils fallen, hero's soldiers living on [Bridge: Meech Darko] GOD, hail mary our father LSD, three tabs on my tongue, bro NYPD, they can suck my dick and balls NYC, rep that 'til I'm gone DTA, don't trust anyone or it's- DOA, dead on arrival JFK, sweats with my shades on, then it's LAX, hop out and get stoned Erick the Architect


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