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Chief Keef & Zaytoven collaborate on "Pants Sag".

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Chief Keef has mastered the art of sagging his pants over the years.

From the days of "I Don't Like," and even before that, the rapper's collection of designer belts has never actually been used practically but rather, for aesthetic purposes.

Nonetheless, the rapper has broken down the art of sagging pants on the aptly titled, "Pants Sag." Teaming up with Zaytoven, Chief Keef takes on a classic Gucci Mane cut for his latest single as he adds his twist to it.

Chief Keef modernizes the Wilt Chamberlin 5 cut as he lists off the various reasons why his pants hang so low, namely an overload of cash in his pockets and various types of firearms that hang by his waist.

Chief Keef & Zaytoven - Pants Sag (prod Zaytoven) Lyrics.

[Intro] Ayy, yeah Zaytoven, goddamn (Yur) What you on though? (Yur) Gettin' guap right? (Yur) Thanks for the care package nigga (Yeah) Dropped down in a nick of time (Huh, huh, huh) Got them Perc's, we don't pop em' though (Huh, huh, huh) Do this shit for real nigga (Gang) [Verse 1] I'ma let my pants sag, shawty I'ma let my pants sag, shawty She like "why you let your pants sag?" This that F&N swag Let my pants sag, I'ma let my pants sag Let my pants sag, I'ma let my pants sag Just another day, just another day My kicks a thousand grams [?], pants cost me them bands dad I weren't giving a damn, miss, pardon me, you startled me My chains filled with currency, ice attack, emergency Turn this bitch to a murder scene, hurry please, he burgundy Shirt off, a lotta tax, I can smoke a hunnid racks Got Chief Sosa [?], I switched that, quit smokin' that Eighty racks in these fuckin' jeans make my pants sag Chain swag, chain swang, wrist go Range fast [?], cash in these dragon pants F&N hangin' out my pocket give you bad skin Red Porsche with fog lights and the [?] Nigga run up on us, hang him upside down and shake his ass [Chorus] I'ma let my pants sag, .40 make my pants sag F&N make my pants sag, ratchet make my pants sag I got so much jewelry on me, I get so much money, homie I got so much jewelry on yet I think I need a clone Pants sag, pants sag, I'ma let my pants sag I got too much jewlery on me, got too many shots on me Pants sag, pants sag, damn, I got a stupid swag If you let them get it first, up your cock, shoot it back Chief Keef


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