BSF (Black Soprano Family) - It's Over (ft. Benny The Butcher, Rick Hyde & Heem) (Audio, Video) - Music Video

download - BSF (Black Soprano Family) - It's Over (ft. Benny The Butcher, Rick Hyde & Heem) (Audio, Video) - Music Video


Exclusive from WapYum as we dish out a new track called ''BSF (Black Soprano Family) - It's Over (ft. Benny The Butcher, Rick Hyde & Heem) (Audio, Video) - Music Video'' check on it below.

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BSF (Black Soprano Family) drops "It's Over" featuring Benny The Butcher, Rick Hyde & Heem.

Watch the video, stream, listen, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics to the Don Cannon-produced song.

The situation was scary enough when it was only The Butcher coming -- having to now contend with the full force of the Black Soprano Family makes things damn near terrifying.

Between Benny, Rick Hyde, and Heem, the bars are heavy in rotation, the production delightfully grimy.

Over a smooth instrumental from Don Cannon, Heem sets it off with some street lyricism, setting the tone within his opening stanza.

"Was taking Penitentiary chances, now they hit us with advances," he raps.

"Got them ni**s mad hating, can'tu2005standu2005it / Down bad Iu2005ain't panic, now I'm doing shitu2005with Don Cannon, but I'm the same n***a used to tote cannons." "You could call me Raekwon cause I'm coming with the ghost," spits Rick Hyde, paying homage to his predecessors in the second verse.

"They was calling me a legend before a ni**a even spoke / they'll be calling for the reverend if I hit you with this toast." By now, we've come to understand what The Butcher is about, being allotted closing honors and knocking it out the park.

"Disposable cash we unapproachable, sociopaths," he raps, his flow dexterous.

"A run-in with us supposed to go bad." BSF (Black Soprano Family) - It's Over (ft.

Benny The Butcher, Rick Hyde & Heem) prod.

Don Cannon) Watch Video Lyrics.

[Intro: DJ Drama] Gangsta Brought to you by the Butcher, nigga These are the real Sopranos Cannon [Verse 1: Heem] Was takin' penitentiary chances, now they hit us with advances Got them niggas mad, hatin', can't stand it Down bad, I ain't panic, now I'm doin' shits with Don Cannon But I'm the same nigga used to tote cannons Hit the coke with Arm & Hammer, came so hard we need a hammer Play the crack house with cops scanners Known for sellin' glass, every gram I cook sold fast Quarter brick and a vision where it glass Runnin' from my past, Henny to the top of the glass Won't stop till I'm top of my class Had a Glock in the stash, next to a box full of cash Hit a lick, used a stocking for a mask, this real shit Rumors spread from the ones I used to chill with Get fake vibes from niggas I kept it real with We was ridin' four deep, tryna kill shit Blow a nigga brains out and don't feel shit (Sopranos) [Verse 2: Rick Hyde & BENNY THE BUTCHER] 2015 was the year, no regrets, no fears We was running through the dope I turned 80 into hope Plus I showed these motherfuckers they ain't wavy as the GOAT Now the label pay me for my quotes Plus I'm flyin' in with elbows like I'm jumpin' off the ropes All this money I'ma gross, I can feel it gettin' close You can call me Raekwon 'cause I'm comin' with the Ghost They was callin' me a legend before a nigga even spoke They'll be callin' for the reverend if I hit you with this toast (Cannon) I say the word and the apes all come out Now it's shells everywhere like a baseball dugout It was grams everywhere 'til the eighths all run out Uh, I prophesize my profit rise I can't concern myself with y'all like it's ostracized Every two or three thousand gave me the cautious vibes But I been backed up Soon as the ink dried, I was ten racks up I'ma make another 60 on 'em, then stack up (Yeah) Black Soprano for the win, nigga, fin [Verse 3: BENNY THE BUTCHER] Better save more than you spend, stack up and do it again (Nah) You was only good for a season like Jeremy Lin Both hands wasn't enough to count it, needed a twin Decorated the garage with horses like Ralph Lauren My train of thought still stuck on all the cocaine I bought I don't get into to all of that famous talk, disposable cash We unapproachable, sociopaths A run-in with us supposed to go bad, but I evolved Now look at me, I'm a boss, gotta book me with all my dogs Chose the streets 'cause she the one, took me with all my flaws Why listen to fools talkin'? In kitchens, I'm moonwalkin' Feds hate, there's red paint on all of our shoe arches Every house on my block was hot 'til I moved off it Like Drew Brees, I took the lead with a few tosses New charges, it ain't over though, it's just beginning I'm Curt Shilling, lookin' from the dugout, goin' for extra innings I turned my hobby to a separate business Sick of those detective visits, poppin' up at shows just to question niggas Who knew the game ain't have an exit in it? I took a fork, whipped it once, when it stiffened up, I left it in it Let's talk bags I got in mind today I wrote this verse in the shirt I had on when I signed to Jay It's over, ah [Outro: DJ Drama] These are the real Sopranos And like that, we gone DJ Drama Black Soprano Family Well respected For life )


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