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Black Soprano Family (Benny The Butcher, Ricky Hyde, Heem, Loveboat Luciano, Jonesy) unveils "Grams In The Water".

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When you see the Black Soprano Family moniker, you already know you're getting those raw bars served in sizable portions.

Look no further than their proper debut, a collective effort delivered by Benny The Butcher, Ricky Hyde, Heem, Loveboat Luciano, and Jonesy.

While there are many strong moments found throughout, one of the highlights arrives on the project's second song "Grams In The Water," a reflective look at the early hustling days.

Featuring verses from Ricky Hyde, Loveboat Luciano, and Benny The Butcher, it's Luciano who steals the show, combining a slick flow with some vividly-rendered imagery.

Over some stripped-down, melancholic production, his rhymes transition gracefully as he quickens his pace.

"Money's the reason we rebuild, I threw away all my weed scales, I give you logical details," he rhymes.

"I still ride with no seatbelt, government mad when we rebuild." Black Soprano Family - Grams In The Water Lyrics.

Violence and intimidation is why they survived These guys aren't just like the Sopranos These are the real Sopranos *Chorus* [] Look, it don't make money it don't make sense I'm still tryna make a play they need my portion of the late rent I need that Porsche with opaque tint I'm learning patience When you force it, then you don't make ends Make money, never make friends They'll kill you because money, drug money, give a great chance That drug money got me tweakin' like I take xans Reachin' and you getting sprayed off like a fake tan I'm from the center of a wasteland All this drug money be having them actin' funny when you shake hands Your last money had you caged in, made you got to say amen The plug fell through like he caved in I'm bout to whip again (whip whip) With baby's in the water like a christening My penmanship, get me paid monthly like a membership I'm in this shit, I do this shit forever like it's infinite But you gon need the infantry to show me what the difference is *Chorus* [] I done caught a cell Now it's hard tryna prevail I ain't gon lie it feel well Weighing a brick on a scale Duffle bag so big it's like I picked up a well If you snitch or you tell you gettin' clipped for a bill I'm on a mission yeah I'm talking bout a hit or a drill Still got clientele they hit me up I think that they sale I gave the phone to little bro, told him be careful shit real Now watch how I prevail, Imma about to run me up a mil Moneys the reason we rebel I threw away all my weed scales, I give you logical details I still ride with no seatbelt Government mad when we rebuild They want us fragile and weak still Label us savages, we still thugin' and blastin' out Meek Mill Dumpin' ashes, I mean well Couple stacks off my resale Chillin, relaxing I'm with a baddie She askin for ??? Peep my strategy then you copy Just ask if you need help I will gladly give you the game Please don't pass up a sweet deal *Chorus* [] I faced forty joints in the can and never said nothing But that's when I found out these Fed judges head huntin' Niggas switched they hustle when they seen I had that bread coming 300 grams of fentanyl when ya'll niggas was scared of us Funny my old clientele hate to see me rap I bump into my old licks, they say they need me back I'm really on that shit, my inspiration be these traps While I pitch to get a fix the smokers bring the tv back These niggas talk that dope talk, but mines be special First plug I ever had was slime green nephew Palm trees, bomb weed, and I need extras I put coke white seats inside a lime green Tesla I know my shit, you gotta bag heroine in steps Then take it to the spot, see that's where it get a test And they gon let em' know, you can't compare it to the rest My plug gave me more credit than American Express *Chorus* Benny The Butcher


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