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Exclusive from WapYum as we dish out a new track called ''Benny The Butcher - Deal Or No Deal (Audio, Video) - Music Video'' check on it below.

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Watch the video, Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics to Benny The Butcher's new song titled "Deal Or No Deal".

The song was produced by CAMEone & Daringer.

Undeniably, Griselda is one of the hardest working collectives in the entertainment industry.

The crew of rappers never ceases to share new music almost weekly, and even with so many drops so close together, each member of the crew manages to bring the heat with every new project.

On Tuesday (July 7), Benny The Butcher fired off a few more flames during these hot summer months with his brand new track, "Deal or No Deal." The acclaimed rapper once again impresses as each bar unfolds.

Benny The Butcher - Deal Or No Deal (prod.

CAMEone & Daringer) Watch Video Lyrics.

[Intro] Yeah, you see this shit sound perfect right here Keep them bitch ass niggas from 'round me Y'all niggas talkin' like y'all was really like that before y'all got a lil' money Y'all niggas forgot who I was, huh? These are the real Sopranos Yo, uh [Verse] 187 with Griselda wrote in Arabic Murder, I'm aware of it 'cause I'm who takin' care of it Your lil' bitch said she won't fuck me 'cause I'm arrogant My plug used to let me hold them babies like a surrogate I had them dope boys payin' deposits to get they hands on product Violence the only way you answer violence I might pop up in the random projects With powder like a can of comet, two or three runners and a Pyrex We supervillains to the music business I'm gettin' too specific with what I do in kitchens, my shit too offensive I make coke rap sound like a new invention Cut an envelope of money open usin' scissors What's worse than a fed case? Goin' to trial broke Against a prosecutor that washed more niggas than Dove soap A brick of yay and a genie, that's what it takes just to be me 'Cause I'm too bougie for broke bitches and too gangster for TV After the RICO, the cash came fast illegal Y'all cover y'all battered egos in jewelry and Valentino As for me though, I live by actual street code I turn quarters to half a kilos to have my links froze Yeah, probably got a bitch on every block in your hood So I can still make a play and never stop in your hood Bought some new Glocks, so I'm good, pounds stocky as Suge Smokin' Gary Payton just like the '96 Bulls Hold up, rappers pray to God that them disses get to me I won't get with them pussies until they make it interestin' to me Uh huh, you give your man hope when you give that man dope To feed your family, that's mandatory when your man broke We was in them vans low, told my trigger man, "Go" Now I make kilogram dough off an Instagram post, nigga [Outro] Fuck y'all niggas talkin' about? The Butcher comin', nigga Ah I'm on a three-year run Cleanin' everything up Huh I ain't even signed a deal yet, nigga, I got a label deal, nigga Fuck y'all niggas talkin' about? I made all my niggas bosses I made all my niggas capos, nigga Ask about us, nigga Ask the FBI about us Free the gang too, nigga We really like that Y'all niggas be talkin' that crazy shit on these songs Like y'all really been that, like y'all really did this Hahahaha Where y'all goin' with this shit, nigga Black Soprano Family, huh Yeah Ask niggas on the east side about the Black Sopranos, nigga This shit for real Y'all niggas tryna keep up with us All my niggas got BSF pieces, pussy Y'all niggas tryna keep up with us I pull up in my city, jump out in any projects That's real shit They fuck with me, and I fuck with them, nigga You ain't like that You ain't like that, nigga, quit playin' with me Ah Ayo, Daringer Ayy, since Tana Talk 3, nigga Ayy, since Tana Talk 3, nigga Hahahaha Ah Benny The Butcher


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