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Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics to August Alsina's most recent release off His The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy album, the song is titled "Sincerely".

Another day, another delivery from August Alsina.

The R&B singer has been blessing fans with daily drop-offs of new singles in anticipation of his upcoming release, The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy.

His latest album is slated to hit streaming services this Friday (June 26), and it's shaping up to be his most introspective and honest project to date.

Along with the new singles, August Alsina has also shared episodes from his The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy docuseries.

On this latest single, "Sincerely," August pens a letter to his nieces who he has been raising as his own since his sister passed away from cancer in 2018, and their father lost his life to gun violence.

In "Sincerely," August Alsina writes a verse to and about each of the girls, and in the chorus, he reiterates his commitment, love, and dedication to them.

August Alsina - Sincerely Lyrics.

[Verse 1] Dear Shay Seems like it was just the other day, you was a baby In my arms and soon you gon' be all grown and it's so crazy I wish I could turn back the clock Or better yet make it stop And give you all that I've got Like every guy's gonna tell you that you're beautiful Remember I would tell you first, so it ain't new to you I know in a while, it's gon' be hard for me to get through to you You gon' think that you know it all But that ain't gon' be the truth I'ma always be there for you Love and care for you [?] Long as you do what you're supposed to do Give it everything you got, it's cool I will try to give you every tool At my disposal, it's alright you You gon' know what kinda road to chose Your decision, gon' be up to you In the flesh you gonna [?] You gon' be out there on your own Hearin' me love Hope whatever I teach was [?] In the moment, you feel it's dumb Don't be wantin' you feelin' like your mom and dad ain't here with y'all That you out here alone I did that to be [?] [Chorus] Sincerely I love you with everything in me PS, I hope that you feel me Hope you know I got you Without a doubt in my heart Yours truly [Verse 2] Dear Maya I know sometimes how you feel overlooked, because you quiet I used to be the same as you when I was younger When I was hurt and I would keep it all inside 'Till it burned me up and turned into a fire It's okay, to tell someone when your heart race Trust in me, promise that I won't betray We all need, need somebody to confide in And a shoulder we can lean on Safe space, you can cry in In these arms, I got you Want you to know how proud you make me, with your schoolin' Anything that you wanna be in this life, know you gon' do it [?], sky is the limit He's gonna say that you want it You gotta go out and get it I can't wait to see the world in you turn out to big It ain't a moment you're alive, you ain't impressin' me I really hope that I can bless you, how you're blessin' me You just put your trust in God and put the rest in me [Chorus] Sincerely I love you with everything in me PS, I hope that you feel me Hope you know I got you Without a doubt in my heart Yours truly [Verse 3] Dear Kay-kay What can I say, say, say? Ever since your first day It's like you've been here before Was here beyond your days Truly you move to the beat of your own drum And your own parade I know when life gets tough, that you're gonna be okay You keep a smile on your face, even on the darkest days [?] off your strength, I can face an hurricane And with a face just like mine, when you cry I feel your pain And I try to hug it away So that you ain't feelin' the same Use your voice to sing, every melodies Fill it up with the joy [?] Big things are done, so you gon' do greater things Take your time young princess One day you'll be a queen You're so special, hope you know I'm here for you I got so much love to give, I'll share with you Stay who you are, don't let no one dim your storm Take it from me, [?] understands you [Chorus] Sincerely I love you with everything in me PS, I hope that you feel me Hope you know I got you Without a doubt in my heart Yours truly august alsina


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