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Exclusive from WapYum as we dish out a new track called ''Adrien Broner "AB" - Static (Audio) - Foreign Songs'' check on it below.

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Adrien Broner "AB" unveils new single "Static".

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Adrien Broner is really committed to becoming a rapper.

While he's held multiple world championships over the course of his illustrious career, he's hinted at the idea of retiring on a few occasions, though it's hard to determine whether it'll last.

Rapping seems to be what he plans on putting his focus towards moving forward.

He's released projects in the past such as Wanted and his joint project with Cook LaFlare, ABC, along with collaborations with some big artists.

Adrien Broner "AB" - Static Quotable Lyrics Tore my ACL, I ain't shit to play with Keep two .40's on me, I'm a 80s baby I can see the future, y'all speculating If I bought tomorrow, that'd be so Raven ab


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October 17, 2020, 11:04 pm

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